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2015/2016 Ice Times

Monday 5:30pm 6:30pm   ADM
  6:45pm 8:15pm   Canfield / Bantam
  8:30pm 9:30pm   U16 AA 
Tuesday 5:00pm 6:30pm   U18 / U16
  6:45pm 8:15pm   Squirt / Pee Wee
  9:45pm 10:45pm YSU
Wednesday 5:30pm 6:30pm   Figure Skating
  6:45pm 7:30pm   Learn to Skate
  7:45pm 9:15pm   Developmental / Bantam
  9:30pm 10:30pm Canfield
Thursday 5:00pm 6:30pm   U18 / U16
  6:45pm 8:15pm   Squirt / Pee Wee
  8:30pm 9:30pm   U16 AA
Friday 5:30pm 6:15pm   Skills Sessions (U10)
Saturday 8:00am 9:00am   ADM
        (Subject to Change)

2015/2016 Team Announcements

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                                    Squirt (U10) - Oyler             Pee Wee (U12) - Ryan

                                    Bantam (U14) - Jech           Midget U16AA - Hawthorne

                                    Midget U16 - Olgun             Midget U18 - Fairley


Bantam AA Team going to Nationals

Bantam AA team takes State Tournament

Congratulations to coach Bob Hawthorne and the Bantam AA team who won the Ohio Tier II 14U State Title.  They will be traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah to compete in the National Tournament against winners from each state.  The tournament runs March 26 thru March 30.

Follow their journey at

If you can help support the team's journey to Salt Lake City, please go to our Bantams Page!

Quarterfinals Update

Register for our Developmental Hockey Program!!

The Developmental Program is now accepting participants. 

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YAAHA’s Locker Room Policy

In addition to the development of our hockey players and enjoyment of the sport of hockey, the safety and protection of our participants is central to YAAHA’ goals, YAAHA adheres to USA Hockey’s Safe Sport. YAAHA as a means to help protect its participants from physical abuse, sexual abuse and other types of misconduct, including emotional abuse, bullying, threats, harassment and hazing. To help prevent abuse or misconduct from occurring in our locker rooms, YAAHA has adopted the following locker room policy. This policy is designed to maintain personal privacy as well as to reduce the risk of misconduct in locker rooms.

At The Ice Zone, there are several locker rooms available for our YAAHA’s use. The majority of these locker rooms has its own restroom and shower area, shares a restroom and shower area with one or more locker rooms. Some teams in YAAHA may also occasionally or regularly travel to play games at other arenas, and those locker rooms, rest rooms and shower facilities will vary from location to location. YAAHA’s team organizers will attempt to provide information on the locker room facilities in advance of games away from our home arena. At arenas for which you are unfamiliar, parents should plan to have extra time and some flexibility in making arrangements for their child to dress, undress and shower if desired.

Locker Room Monitoring

YAAHA has predictable and limited use of locker rooms and changing areas (e.g., generally 30-45 minutes before and following practices and games). This allows for direct and regular monitoring of locker room areas. While constant monitoring inside of locker rooms and changing areas might be the most effective way to prevent problems, we understand that this would likely make some players uncomfortable and may even place our staff at risk for unwarranted suspicion.

We conduct a sweep of the locker rooms and changing areas before players arrive, and if the coaches are not inside the locker rooms, either a coach or voluntary locker room monitors(each of which has been screened) will be posted directly outside of the locker rooms and changing areas during periods of use, and leave the doors open only when adequate privacy is still possible, so that only participants (coaches and players), approved team personnel and family members are permitted in the locker room. Team personnel will also secure the locker room appropriately during times when the team is on the ice.

Parents in Locker Rooms

Except for players at the younger age groups, Mites and Squirts, we discourage parents from entering locker rooms unless it is truly necessary. If a player needs assistance with his or her uniform or gear, if the player is or may be injured, or a player’s disability warrants assistance, then we ask that parents let the coach know beforehand that he or she will be helping the player. Naturally with our youngest age groups it is necessary for parents to assist the players getting dressed. We encourage parents to teach their players as young as possible how to get dressed so that players will learn as early as possible how to get dressed independently. In circumstances where parents are permitted in the locker room, coaches are permitted to ask that the parents leave for a short time before the game and for a short time after the game so that the coaches may address the players. As players get older, the coach may in his or her discretion prohibit parents from a locker room.

Mixed Gender Teams

Some of our teams consist of both male and female players. It is important that the privacy rights of all of our players are given consideration and appropriate arrangements made. Where possible, YAAHA will have the male and female players dress and undress in separate locker rooms and then convene in a single locker room before the game or team meeting. Once the game or practice is finished, the players may come to one locker room for a team meeting and then the male and female players proceed to their separate locker rooms to undress and shower, if available. If separate locker rooms are not available, then the players will take turns using the locker room to change. We understand that these arrangements may require that players arrive earlier or leave later to dress, but believe that this is the most reasonable way to accommodate and respect all of our players.

Cell Phones and Other Mobile Recording Devices

Cell phones and other mobile devices with recording capabilities, including voice recording, still cameras and video cameras, are not permitted to be used in the locker rooms. If phones or other mobile devices must be used, they should be taken outside of the locker room. [it may be permissible to have team manager collect phones]

Prohibited Conduct and Reporting

YAAHA prohibits all types of physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, bullying, threats, harassment and hazing, all as described in the USA Hockey Safe Sport Handbook. Participants, employees or volunteers in YAAHA may be subject to disciplinary action for violation of these locker room policies or for engaging in any misconduct or abuse or that violates the USA HockeySafeSport Policies. Reports of any actual or suspected violations, you may email USA Hockey at or may call 1-800-888-4656.

Dear hockey families,
My name is Michelle Stillings and I have been serving on our youth hockey board since 2011, coached our 2013-2014 ADM Mite team, and filled various other team roles.  In addition to my work with the Youngstown Area Amateur Hockey Association, my husband has been involved in coaching and both of our children have been playing hockey in Youngstown.  During this time, we have gained lifelong friendships and great memories and plan to have many more of both.
As we enter the 2014-2015 hockey season, I would like to inform you that I have been appointed by our board to serve as president of YAAHA.  I would like to thank the board for entrusting me with such a large responsibility, and at the same time I would like to thank our former president Bob Gray for all of the hard work and energy that he has put into every past season.  Until you sit on the board, it is very difficult to understand the time, effort, and energy that all the people put into serving and running an organization.  A huge thank you to our existing board and to our coaches for all of your hard work past, present, and future.
With that being said, we are quickly approaching the start of our new hockey season and are looking forward to a great one.  I strongly encourage all of you to get involved, even if it is in a small way: YAAHA is always looking for support at the board level, various committee levels, and at the team level.  Our organization runs on volunteers and we need you to help YAAHA run and grow; without all of you and your efforts the jobs cannot get done.  Please join us for a meeting with our board this Thursday, July 17th at the Magic Tree at 6:30 to discuss how you can support our organization.
Again, we need YOU and your help to make this an amazing season!
Thank again for your time and I look forward in seeing many of you this Thursday, July 17th at 6:30.
Michelle Stillings
724-971-9929 cell


USHL Phantoms Hockey Summit


Thanks to Coach Anthony Noreen and his staff for conducting this great event.  Players from Pittsburgh to Sandusky took advantage of the Hockey Summit to learn what it takes to move to the next level!

Youth Hockey Open House


Special Thank You's to the USHL Coaching Staff, The Covelli Centre, and our Phantom Youth Volunteers for making the Open House events a success!

Through the two weekends, we had over 80 players enjoy a great afternoon on the ice and then watch the USHL Phantoms in action!!

We look forward to similar opportunities in the future.

American Hockey Parent Handbook Now Available Online

03/14/2014, 5:15pm EDT
By Jayson Hron - USA Hockey

USA Hockey recently created a comprehensive handbook for hockey parents that covers everything from skill development to safety to nutrition and beyond. It’s filled with actionable insights and information that can help you and your child enjoy a great youth hockey experience. Check out the digital version by clicking here .

Hitting was open to all kids at the peewee level, but that was moved up a level into bantam three months ago. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Hitting was open to all kids at the peewee level, but that was moved up a level into bantam three months ago. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Where does bodychecking fit in minor hockey?
Ban on hitting until the age of 13 a smart decision, though danger looms when the bodies start to fly.

When Hockey Canada announced in late May a ban on bodychecking until the bantam age group, I wasn’t sure what to think. That’s because I can appreciate both sides of the argument.  More More
Read More

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YAAHA & Little Penguins have exciting news!!!

ADM Hockey

Let's Go ADM Phantoms!  2014-15 is coming up FAST!!


Anyone interested in participating in our program, coaching in the program, or helping with the program is asked to contact Paula Willock at  The ADM age groups (2006 and younger for the 2014-15 season) are THE MOST IMPORTANT developmental age for our young players.



Youngstown Phantom ADM Program
Registration is ALWAYS open for our ADM program!  
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